Space Software/ Hardware Integration Services

Integrating all the components of your space facility can be tricky. Without proper integration, you could end up with an expensive paperweight. Snaju will make sure everything works together seamlessly.

Our value

From the initial idea to the final product.

Experienced in space.

We've built software for 2 on orbit facilities, so we know what is required to meet the stringent NASA standards.

Expertise in avionics systems.

With our decades of experience developing mission critical software for aerospace applications, we can help you get your avionics system ready for deployment.

Support & Testing

Don't stress about NASA testing, let us help support you before, during and after your test.

Hardware and software integration for space facilities.

Building a space facility is difficult. Every component needs to be properly integrated with the others, and it can take months. Snaju offers a one-stop shop for integration. We work with you every step of the way to make sure your project stays on track and within budget.

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Connect your hardware and software components.

Snaju provides engineering services to build complex systems. We are focused on providing engineering integration, including hardware and software components into a final system. Our engineers can help you through the entire design process for your project, from concept development to final product implementation.

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