Ground Systems

Snaju has provided mission critical services to commercial and government clients, supporting their ground systems for on-orbit operations

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Control Center Software

Control Center software is comprehensive and is built to streamline and automate the operation of a control center. It provides a centralized repository for all control center information, a configurable user interface, and a set of tools to automate control center tasks. The Space Control Center software is available for free to all members of the control center community.

Operator GUIs

Space operators use graphical user interfaces (GUIs) to control and monitor spacecraft. These interfaces provide an easy way for operators to view and control the spacecraft's systems and subsystems. GUIs also allow operators to create and display custom views of the spacecraft's data, which can be used to troubleshoot problems or monitor specific areas of interest. Snaju has experience with design, development, and deployment of advanced operator GUIs that focus on usability, data, and control.

Ground Data Systems

A Ground Data System (GDS) is a collection of software and hardware that is used to support a mission. The GDS is responsible for collecting, processing, and distributing data from the space mission to the ground team. The GDS is also responsible for providing data products to the science team and other stakeholders.

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The MISSE Flight Facility

Snaju worked with Aegis Aerospace Inc. to help design, develop and maintain the avionics software, sensor, and commanding suite onboard the ISS external experiment platform MISSE.

What we offered:

  1. Avionics System Design
  2. Avionics Software Development
  3. Sensor Fusion
  4. Ground Systems Design/ Development
  5. On-orbit operations support/ Maintenance
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