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Snaju is a space-focused company, and we created a proprietary command and data handling system for space called Snaju® Nebula. When the unexpected happens on-orbit, Nebula fails over to another computer to keep your facility operating in a safe state.
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The Nebula system is the next generation of fault-tolerant data handling for space.

Hardware Failover

Snaju® Nebula Compute Stack is designed to failover once a compute node experiences a error, or when commanded from the ground.

AI Comm Routing

When Snaju® Nebula recives a new command message, it will use AI pathfinding to find the quickest route to issue the command. Allowing you to command your facility no mater what.

Tried & Tested

Snaju® Nebula is currently on-orbit being used every day for command and data handling.

Snaju® Nebula is our proprietary hardware and software stack for space command and data handling. Boasting fully redundant hardware CPU modules, Artificial Intelligence Communication Routing, Machine Learning Capabilities, Modular Plugin System, and more.

Snaju® Nebula is currently operating as the backbone for a ISS science facility, allowing the operator full control of the facility over Mil1553, Ethernet, RS485-CAN, and RS-422.

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Fail-safe redundancy for your space mission.

If you're an aerospace company, your mission-critical data is the only thing that matters. With Snaju Nebula, you can run applications with up to 100% redundancy. You'll never have to worry about interruptions again.

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